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1.     Keep it concise: hit the highlights and get to the heart of how your product, company or individual you're nominating delivers results.

2.     Testify: include customer testimonials where appropriate.

3.     Increase your odds: if there are multiple categories you find relevant, feel free to enter more than one.

4.     Be specific: if you do submit multiple nominations, ensure the entries are distinct and specific to their respective categories. And don't speak in generalities -- say what makes your product, company or leader you are nominating different from the rest.

5.     Brag a little: call out any relevant accolades or other recognitions.

6.     Take your time: judges will evaluate your nomination based on the quality of your submission, not your reputation in the market – be sure to include all relevant information.

7.     Complete your entries: you have to be in it to win it!