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Judging information

Interested in judging?

To be considered as a judge for the 2016 SC Awards, please click here and complete the application form by Aug. 24, 2015. After this date, applications will be reviewed and judges chosen by the editorial team to participate on the Trust Awards panel. If some applicants seem more appropriate for the second judging panel, which is responsible for deciding Excellence and Professional categories, they will be considered for inclusion by the VP of editorial.

Please understand that judging for the SC Awards is a serious commitment, requiring all panelists to devote some time to judge submissions fairly and objectively so that IT security solutions/services providers, industry leaders and their teams can be recognized and honored for their exemplary work and contributions to the wider field. We do expect a healthy interest from our SC audience to participate, but submitting an application does not guarantee a spot as a judge. 

Trust Awards (formerly Reader Trust Awards)

Finalist and winners in these categories are chosen by IT security professionals from the SC Magazine readership who have been invited (and vetted) by the SC editorial team to participate as part of a judging panel for this particular group of awards. Members of this panel, which will be made up of approximately 100  professionals, primarily are from end-user organizations. They are invited and chosen to participate as judging panelists for the Trust Awards categories based on their industry expertise and background. Typically, they lead information security divisions, play roles in implementing information security policies and plans for their organizations, and/or have in-depth knowledge or experience with testing, deploying or managing IT security products/services. They represent a cross-section of SC’s audience – which is comprised of information and IT security personnel at large, medium and small enterprises from all major vertical markets, including financial services, health care, government, retail, education and other sectors. Having volunteered their time and, most importantly, their  knowledge of and experience with the contenders in these categories, these industry professionals are tasked with carefully considering each of the competitors in relation to the categories for which they entered. To reach their decision, not only will they review the materials provided by entrants, but also will consider whether the product or service in each category actually is the most effective in helping companies address the problems for which the product or service was designed. They also are asked to consider the functionality, manageability, ease of use and scalability of the product or service, as well as the customer service and support provided for it. Too, they have been encouraged to peruse any applicable product reviews that SC Magazine has published in the last year to help in making their final decisions, along with any other relevant industry and/or analyst reports. They also may suggest that certain entrants be moved between categories if they deem them unsuitable for one but appropriate for another.

After the judging panels’ decisions are in, SC Magazine’s product reviews team steps in to review the finalists in each to ensure, yet again, that they accurately jibe with the category for which they entered. In the event that a particular product or service is not an appropriate fit for a category, the product reviews team and VP of editorial will convene to make a final decision on whether it should remain in the running. (No refunds will be provided if a product is eliminated for failing to meet the criteria for not fitting in the category to which it was submitted.) 

Excellence Awards

Winners in this category are decided by a second expert panel of judges. These judges are hand-picked by SC Magazine’s editorial team for their breadth of knowledge and experience in the information security industry. Our judges come from all walks of life – from end-user companies to the analyst and consulting communities to academia. Many are practicing and former chief security officers from the private and public sectors who also may have been honored themselves at SC Awards galas in previous years. Not only are judges advised to review the materials provided by entrants, they also are asked to check out any applicable research or analyst reports, as well as product reviews appearing in SC Magazine. There will be one winner chosen per category.

Professional Awards

With the exception of the Editor’s Choice Award recipient within this category, winners in the Professional Awards category will be decided by an expert panel of judges. Like the Excellence Awards, not only are judges advised to review the materials provided by entrants, they also are asked to review any applicable research or analyst reports, product reviews by SC Magazine, and/or any additional documentation/input provided by SC Magazine and/or other Haymarket Media publications. In some cases, the panel may be offered further insight or additional notes from SC Magazine’s editorial team members who may decide to interview or already have interviewed contenders. There will be one winner chosen per category.

Editor’s Choice Award

Based on feedback from SC Magazine’s editorial team, its Editorial Advisory Board, readers and other sources, a small list of contenders for this designation is created internally. Those considered for this award can be industry bodies, professionals, companies or products. 

The award winner is decided by the VP of editorial for SC Magazine and announced at the SC Awards Gala on March 1, 2016. This award enables the editorial team to pay homage to those individuals or entities that are making a positive impact on the industry as a whole.